It takes two (or more) to tangelo

we used superior "tree shake" technology to get these babies down!

Our group was small, but our poles were long and we had determination.The tangelos trees at our pick in Valley Center were at least 20 feet high!

The lower (easier) fruit had already been picked, so we craned and strained and got a couple boxes full.… Full Article →

Fruits of Thy Neighbor

February 14 proved to be the sweetest day of the year so far….and NOT because it was Valentine’s Day. CropSwapCarlsbad harvested 935 pounds of grapefruit, mandarin and Valencia oranges from Rich and Mary Keller’s orchard in Escondido!! We had 8 wonderful volunteers and picked and picked until we filled the truck up!!… Full Article →

Hello world!

Hi! Together with Harvesting San Diego, Cropswap picked over 1000 pounds of mandarin oranges from a grove in Escondido on Sunday! Looks like its going to be a bumper crop year for neighborhood harvesting. Sharing has never been sweeter!… Full Article →

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